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Image Converter and Online Photo Compressor– If you’re looking for tool that can covert and compress your image according to your need then you’re at right place. Our 11 format online image converters and photo compressors tools will help you to compress and convert your photo in range of 10KB to 500Kb according to your need from megabytes to kilobytes or adjust an image to a specific width and height.

Why You Need an Image Converter or Compressor

Images can be quite large in size, especially if they’re high resolution or captured with a high-quality camera. This large file size can pose problems when you need to share images online or use them in a website or presentation and can’t upload on online forms. Compressing images helps reduce their size without sacrificing too much quality. For example, if you need to compress a JPEG to 100kb or resize an image to 100kb, a photo compressor can do the job in seconds.

Types of Online Image Converters

Online image converters come in two main types on our blog post: those that convert image size by adjusting height and width, and those that convert image size based on a specific file size in kilobytes (kb). Let’s take a look at each type and see what they can do.

Convert Image with Height and Width

The first form of image converter focuses on resizing a picture with Height and Width. This is handy when you need a picture with specified width and height dimensions, such as for a website or social networking platform. You may use this tool to minimize the size of a picture by lowering its dimensions, but bear in mind that it may have an impact on the photo’s quality and aspect ratios. These tools are useful when you need to resize photographs for a specific purpose.

Convert Image to Specific Size (kb)

The second form of image converter compresses pictures to a predetermined file size, such as converting a photo from megabytes to kilobytes. For example, you may use these tools to reduce 1MB of photographs to 100kb or compress an image to 200kb. This sort of converter is great when you have limited storage space or need to fulfill size constraints when uploading photographs to a website.

How to Use an Image Converter and Photo Compressor

Using an online image converter or photo compressor is simple. Here’s a basic guide to help you get started:

Step 1: Choose the Right Tool

Choose an image converter or photo compressor that meets your demands. If you want to modify the proportions of an image, use a converter that lets you change the height and width. If you need to compress photos to a specified file size, choose a converter that allows you to set the required size in kilobytes.

Step 2: Upload Your Image

Once you’ve selected the appropriate tool, upload the image you wish to convert. Most online converters can handle a variety of image formats, including JPEG, PNG, and BMP. Simply click the “Upload” or “Choose File” button to choose your image.

Step 3: Adjust the Settings

If you’re converting by height and width, give the new dimensions of your image. If you want to compress to a specified file size, enter that number in kilobytes. Many converters also let you select the amount of compression, which can assist preserve image quality while lowering file size.

Step 4: Convert and Download

After adjusting your settings, click the “Convert” or “Compress” option. Once your image has been converted, the program will offer you with a download link. Download your freshly converted image and examine the quality to make sure it fits your standards.

These online tools can help you change the dimensions of a picture or compress it to a specified file size. The picture converter allows you to adjust the height and width of an image, whilst the photo compressor compresses photographs to sizes ranging from 100kb to 10kb.

These tools are great for anybody who wants to successfully manage their photographs, as they handle 11 main image formats and have a straightforward user interface. Try them immediately and see how simple it is to convert and compress photographs for any purpose!

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