Hectare to Bigha Converter

If you’re working with land measurements, you may need to convert hectares to bighas. Bigha is a typical land measurement unit in India, particularly in areas such as Uttar Pradesh. But how can you convert hectares to bigha? Let us break it out in simple terms.

What is a Hectare?

Many nations use hectares as a common unit of land measurement. It is comparable to 10,000 square meters, or approximately 2.47 acres. It’s widely employed in agriculture and land management.

What is a Bigha?

Bigha is a historic unit of measurement used across India, including Uttar Pradesh. The size of a bigha varies by geography. In Uttar Pradesh (UP), one hectare is about equivalent to 3.95 bighas.

How to Convert Hectare to Bigha?

Converting hectare to bigha is easy when you know the conversion rate. In Uttar Pradesh, you can use this simple formula:


This formula helps you convert hectare to bigha quickly. For example, if you have 2 hectares, the conversion to bigha in UP would be:

2×3.95=7.90 bighas

Use an Online Hectare to Bigha Converter

If you prefer a simpler way to convert hectare to bigha, you can use an online calculator. Just enter the number of hectares you want to convert, and it will give you the result in bighas. This online tool is useful if you need quick answers without doing manual calculations.

Converting hectare to bigha in Uttar Pradesh is straightforward. With a conversion rate of 3.95, you can easily find out how many bighas there are in a given area.

Use this knowledge or an online hectare to bigha converter to make your calculations simple and accurate. Whether you’re buying land, selling it, or managing it, understanding these conversions can be a big help.