Class 12 Percentage Calculator

12th UP Board Percentage calculator

12th Class Percentage calculator

The 12th UP Board Percentage Calculator is a handy tool that helps students calculate their overall percentage score for the 12th grade UP Board exams. It works by taking inputs of marks obtained in different subjects like Chemistry, Hindi, English, Mathematics or Biology, and Physics.

Once the marks are entered, the calculator computes the total marks obtained and the percentage achieved out of the total possible marks. This percentage is then used to determine the student’s grade, whether they have passed or failed according to the grading criteria.

It’s a useful tool for students to quickly assess their performance and understand where they stand academically.

How to Find Percentage of 12th UP Board?

Step-1: Enter marks of Chemistry.

Step-2: Enter marks of Hindi.

Step-3: Enter marks of Chemistry.

Step-4: Enter marks of English.

Step-5: Enter marks of Mathematics or Biology.

Step-6: And Click on Calculate button.


Calculating the percentage for the 12th UP Board exams is quite simple. First, you need to gather your marks or grades for each subject – like Chemistry, Hindi, English, Maths or Biology, and Physics. Once you have all your marks, add them up.

Then, you divide the total marks you’ve scored by the maximum marks possible, which is usually 500 for UP Board exams.

After that, you multiply the result by 100 to get the percentage. For example, if your total marks are 350 out of 500, you divide 350 by 500, which equals 0.7. When you multiply 0.7 by 100, you get 70%. So, your percentage for the 12th UP Board exams would be 70%.

That’s how you find your percentage – just add up your marks, divide by the total possible, and multiply by 100.

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